Digital Marketing & Advertising

Business is becoming increasingly digital. To assist our clients in navigating this online jungle, we provide expertise in SEO and SEM, along with social media campaign and customer acquisition know-how. And not just for the domestic Japanese market, our services also extend to Asia and English-speaking regions. With our diverse international staff, we have multi-market intelligence as a powerful competitive advantage.

Smartio – IoT Media

We are proud to say that after 1 year since launch, Smartio has become the #1 news medium in Japan for IoT, smart speaker, and gadgets. With 250,000+ monthly readers, the team at Smartio continues to write product reviews and articles, produce how-to videos, and cover exciting VUI/IoT topics. We plan to build on this momentum by venturing into manufacturing fun and useful gadgets for the smart home.

Robotics @ Niwaka Lab

With Niwaka Lab, we are putting Fukuoka on the global IT map by producing top-notch robots for international competition. At DJI’s Robomaster 2018, the FUKUOKA NIWAKA team finished top 16 in the world! In addition to our tempered glass robot battle field, our laboratory is also equipped with 3D printers, an enormous co-working space, creation tools, high-end computers, and all the works!
Visit: Project Robomaster

Coming soon to Niwaka Lab: e-Sports!

About NiwakaSoft

We are a web marketing and IT company based in Fukuoka, Japan.

In addition to our client side services, we also run Niwaka Lab as a co-working space for robot design and IoT product development. At NiwakaSoft, our core mission is to combine IT and Creativity.